Our services benefit a diverse range of clients.

The activities of illicit pharmacies pose a significant risk to our societies, and multiple actors are battling this threat. What all these actors have in common is that they lack the knowledge they need in order to . . .
Understand the problem

Understand The Problem

Without knowing who these illicit pharmacies are, what medicines they most frequently sell, and what is the impact of their activities, it is hard to design solutions and prioritize issues. We help customers understand the nature and magnitude of the risks posed by IOPs.
Communicate the risk

Communicate The Risk

The lack of precise and reliable information about the prevalence and impact of IOPs makes it hard to spotlight this threat and convince other stakeholders to join this fight. Our services allow customers to build fact-based communication strategies that are more likely to capture attention also beyond the pharmaceutical industry.
Counter The Threat

Counter The Threat

To assess the efficacy of actions taken to stop IOPs, stakeholders need accurate information about the number of IOPs and their sales of particular medicines. Our frequently updated and precise data provide this current information.

What types of customers are interested in our services?

The following list is not exhaustive; if you do not find your company or organization represented, please explore our entire website for inspiration!

Drug manufacturers

Drug manufacturers can use our services to assess the revenues they are losing due to IOPs sales and better understand the reasons behind customers purchasing behavior.

Regulators Agencies

Regulatory agencies can use our services to measure the public health impact of illegal online pharmacies activities and better inform potential customers about the risks of buying from an IOP

Law Enforcement Authorities

Law enforcement authorities and policy-makers can use our services to assess the effectiveness of their initiatives against illicit pharmacies.

Industry Associations

Industry associations representing particular types of companies, such as pharmacies, can use our services to design more effective communication strategies and highlight this threat.

Transnational Organizations

Transnational organizations studying the global trading of medicines can use our data to gain a deeper understanding of IOPs structure an activities.

Research Institutions

Research institutions interested in the dynamics of illicit markets can use our services to shed light on illicit organizations strengths and vulnerabilities.

Public Health Organizations

Public health organizations interested in the health consequences of illicit pharmaceuticals can use our services to understand the reasons behind patients' adverse reactions to certain medicines.

Patient Advocacy Groups

Patient advocacy groups can use our services to better understand where patients suffering a particular disease buy their medicines.

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