IOPs Network Monitoring

We map the network of IOPs and their evolution over time.

IOPs do not operate alone; they are linked with each other, forming a dense network. This network constantly changes, as some nodes and ties turn off while new ones emerge. We rely on a novel method that checks millions of domains monthly to identify active IOPs and detect their links. With this information, we map the network of IOPs at any given month.

This map allows us to (a) offer rich information about IOPs’ network dynamics and (b) identify the IOPs that are most active in the network. This knowledge helps law enforcement agencies and corporations assess the strengths and vulnerabilities of IOPs and learn how to better fight against their operations.

Network Dyamics

Network Dyamics

We offer monthly updates about (1) the number of nodes (IOPs) in the network, (2) the density of the network (average number of links across nodes), and (3) the magnitude and number of clusters (groups of densely connected nodes). These indicators provide insights into the growth of the network, its hierarchical structure, and the presence of dominant clusters.
Most Active IOPs

Most Active IOPs

We identify the most active nodes within the network and update this information monthly. The most active nodes can be defined for a particular active ingredient, for all the active ingredients that belong to a therapeutic category, for all the active ingredients owned by a particular drug manufacturer, or for the whole range of active ingredients sold by IOPs. This information pinpoints the key actors behind the e-commercialization of pharmaceutical products.

Other services

IOPs Sales Monitoring

IOPs sell thousands of different medicines in amounts that vary across medicines and across time. Our IOPs Sales Monitoring service tracks the temporal evolution of IOPs sales for each medicine and estimates the economic loss this represents to the industry.

IOPs Health Impact Monitoring

IOPs sell medicines without regulatory and medical oversight. This means that such medicines’ quality is not assured, and they may not even be the appropriate treatment for the customer. Our IOPs Health Impact Monitoring service helps assess the health consequences of patients’ buying medicines from IOPs and the associated healthcare costs.

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