We are a data science company that provides knowledge about the activities of illegal online pharmacies.

Lo que hacemos

Thousands of online pharmacies operate outside the law, selling medicines to customers without regulatory oversight. However, little is known about who these illegal online pharmacies (IOPs) are, how many medicines they sell, and what are the economic and healthcare consequences of their activities. Our data laboratory emerged to shed light on this shadowy industry. Through novel methods that rely on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and big data techniques, we offer a range of services that reveal several dimensions of IOPs activities.


IOPs Network Monitoring

IOPs are interconnected, forming a dense and dynamic network. Our IOPs Network Monitoring service maps this ecosystem, analyzes its evolution over time, and identifies the most active illicit pharmacies in it.

Indicators for 2022:


active IOPs

targeted U.S. customers.

IOPs had an average of


links with other IOPs.

IOPs Sales Monitoring

IOPs sell thousands of distinct medicines in varying amounts. Our IOPs Sales Monitoring service estimates the volume traded for each medicine and the economic loss this represents for the legitimate pharmaceutical industry.

Indicators for 2022:

U.S. purchases from IOPs


0 M

IOP sales represented a loss of

$ 0 B

to the U.S. pharmaceutical industry.

IOPs Health Impact Monitoring

The consumption of medicines purchased from IOPs poses serious healthcare risks. Our IOPs Health Impact Monitoring service estimates the adverse health consequences of IOPs sales and their cost to the healthcare system.

Indicators for 2022:

IOP sales generated

0 %

excess adverse drug reactions in the U.S.

IOP sales led to an additional

$ 0 B

in healthcare costs in the U.S.

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